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Friends who are gone but not forgotten.

Porter Owen Smith

June 6, 1935 - November 29, 2021

We feel so fortunate to have met Porter and Mary Jo Smith, a wonderful couple who came to volunteer with our group, and also adopted from us. The cats they fostered just never wanted to leave, and who can blame them, Porter and Mary Jo loved them all so much and didn't want them to go either! In addition to fostering Porter and MJ have always been there to transport cats to spay/neuter clinics or vet appointments, and if MJ couldn't, Porter would. They were so happy to give their time to help our group and the cats. We miss Porter, and he was such a special person, but we are so happy to have Mary Jo continue to be part of our volunteer family. Our deepest gratitude goes to all of Porter's friends and family who donated in his memory.

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